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Disney Star Miley Cyrus to shoot Big Bang film

Miley Cyrus outing in The Big Bang music video is set to become a feature length film.

While the star is never too far from controversy, the sexy video has a large fan base, and is turning into a film project with the help of Rock Mafia's Antonina Armato.

As of yet not many details of the film have been released, except that it will take of where Miley s ghostly character left off in the video.

Miley Cyrus from music to film

Miley Cyrus has tried in recent music videos to appear older and shed her Disney image, as she recently turned 18. Although her fan base remains fairly young, the teen singer and actress is likely to continue to do more edgy films and videos with all the controversy that comes with it.

Tim James - "Kevin and [Miley] both brought their real acting game to it. ... The chemistry is not by accident. You can feel it, and it's intense," he continued. "I'm really proud of both of them." - MTV

While the music industry grapples with the loss of CD sales, film is becoming another avenue explored by artists in recent memory such as Kanye West in Runaway .

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