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Disney CEO Bob Iger launches online course that will teach you business strategy & leadership


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Disney CEO Bob Iger has launched an online business strategy and leadership course that will teach the next generation of entrepreneurs and filmmakers his secrets to business success.

In the online course, made exclusively available via MasterClass, Iger will provide a wealth of knowledge covering areas such as Disney’s iconic acquisitions of Pixar and Marvel through to the art of negotiating, business strategies and priorities, creating brand value, expanding your brand and managing industry disruption.

The Walt Disney Company Chairman and CEO also highlights some of Disney's biggest films to-date such as "Black Panther" and "Captain Marvel," revealing insights into one of the world's most recognized brands.

”With my MasterClass, I want to give back and impart what I've learned throughout my career. I'll share insights into a number of things, including how Disney - and our great brands - operate, core leadership attributes, managing creativity and creative processes, creating a strategy and taking big risks.”

Bob Iger discusses the complex and challenging 21st Century Fox deal, predicting industry trends, overcoming the odds and how he grew Disney’s business, including an ESPN+ case study, and how Disney adapted to the streaming age with the launch of Disney Plus.

In his MasterClass course, Iger talks in-depth about why he thinks it's essential to take risks, even when they end in failure. Disney’s Chairman and CEO presents examples and highlights some of his own ‘epic’ mistakes. He also reveals his important tenets for success including how to project optimism and to be authentic, providing entrepreneurs and filmmakers in the entertainment industry a deeper understanding of how to acknowledge and learn from mistakes, the importance of integrity and advocating for a better world.

Filmmakers looking to learn the business side of the industry will be able to apply Bob Iger’s experiences and teachings to their own films, and business ventures, and gain more understanding of how the film industry works. Entrepreneurs can also adapt his insights and discover new ways to expand their own businesses, and think differently about the challenges that lie ahead.

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