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Dinosaurs are foaming at the mouth in new 'Extinction' trailer

Angry dinosaurs are hunting a group of screaming people in this hugely epic British feature that is set to hit cinemas next month.

'Extinction' brings together a team of researchers on a mission to protect several endangered species in the Amazon jungle, except, everything goes desperately wrong and soon a small army of prehistoric predators are hunting them down.

Backed by 'Art of Darkness' Producer Ben Loyd-Holmes, the film brings together a cast of top British indie actors and throws them into a dinosaur gauntlet that fans of 'Sharknado' and 'Predator' will appreciate.

Extinction poster


With 'Jurassic World' heading to cinemas later this year, 2015 is set to become the year when the dinosaur adventure genre gets a major revival, and it's about time.

Starring Sarah Mac, Neil Newbon and Emma Lillie Lees, 'Extinction' will be released in select cinemas in March. The film's World Premiere will take place at London's Leicester Square on February 25th.

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