Death toll from anti-Muslim film far worse than Batman massacre


Film related deaths continue to rise

The continued violence surrounding the anti-Muslim film, shot and produced in America, has caused the deaths of 19 people in Pakistan.

This comes after last week's horrific toll of 30 people, and the killing of the U.S Ambassador to Libya.

With riots raging in Pakistan this week over the much hated film, violent protests have turned to tragedy, and we still haven't seen the end of this unrest.

Back in early summer a lone gunman killed 12 people at a midnight screening of 'The Dark Knight Rises', but in comparison to this latest drama, we can't tell how it's going to end. There is also the issue of the film being available online despite being blocked in several countries. Youtube as so far refused to completely remove the video despite the continuing bloodshed. Earlier this week one of the actresses from the film sued Google, Youtube and its producer, but a judge denied her request to block the film.

When will this terrible unrest end

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