Actress Cindy Lee Garcia suing Youtube, Google and anti-Islam producer

One of the actresses who appeared in the 'Innocence of Muslims' debacle has filed a lawsuit against the film's producer, including Youtube and Google for airing the video without her consent.

In the lawsuit, the actress accuses the film's producer of fraud. She also condemns Google and Youtube's "invasion of privacy, unfair business practices" and using her image without permission.

The ongoing backlash after the film's release has forced the actress into hiding, and she has received numerous death threats.

This week alone several countries have asked Youtube to block access to the video along with a request to review it from the White House.

In the aftermath of the film, an anti-American movement has surged, with violent protests and the deaths of more than 30 people so far.

Garcia also goes further to say that she had no idea the film would mention the Prophet Mohammad, and that it was mean't to be based on an ancient Egyptian tale.

Google has responded to the lawsuit saying that it "will be in court" after reviewing the complaint.

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