'Innocence of Muslims' fake full movie released online


'Full length' Anti-Muslim film online

The full length version of the 14-minute 'Innocence of Muslims' film has been uploaded online despite an international outcry condemning its message. However viewers are not given the actual full length-film.

Across the Muslim world protests have raged through cities against the U.S, which has led to the deaths of more than 30 people in the ensuing violence. The tragedy of this film has yet to be realised but the damage caused has led to questions about whether films of this nature should be allowed to air at all. The original 14-minute film was recently re-uploaded but looped so that it would appear to be a full length feature. So far there is no online proof that a full length version exists.

To add to the difficulty, the media has spun this story to the point where many people of the Muslim faith outside of America believe it was Hollywood and the U.S Government that created this, which is not the case.

The low budget film, poorly executed and made by an Egypt born U.S Citizen has raised the question on whether films that ridicule the Prophet Muhammad and other religious figures should be allowed. It comes back to the essence of the freedom of speech argument, but is it really worth making a film that would cause such great offence to millions of people?

Where to watch the anti-Muslim film

We will not show the film here on our network as it is highly offensive and goes against our values on religious interpretation. There is no place for this kind of filmmaking, and it is a tragedy that it would be produced to offend the people of Islam. It also doesn't represent the view of the U.S Government or Hollywood and it should be made clear that this film was produced by independent filmmakers who have their own set of values and beliefs.

To watch the video: Innocence of Muslims - 74 minute loop (content no longer available)

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