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The Dark Prophet series premieres exclusively on Dailymotion

PRESS RELEASE - Dailymotion, the world’s second biggest video platform is partnering with Renderyard, the online network and distributor for filmmakers to exclusively show the new series, The Dark Prophet.

The Dark Prophet was written and directed by the award-winning Evette Vargas, shown at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013 and stars punk legend Henry Rollins with Josh Meyers (Bruno) Chase Fein (We're The Millers) Rick Gonzalez (War Of The Worlds) Jesse La Flair (After Earth). All three episodes of the series will be released simultaneously on Dailymotion from Monday 17 February and shown exclusively across all territories.

The Dark Prophet is the story of Dai Shepherd, a gifted music student and math genius who discovers top-secret information hidden in the binary code of songs. When the code tells of a covert government agency plotting world war, Dai suddenly finds himself framed for his girlfriend’s murder and must go underground to prove his innocence and stop the agency from starting the war. Think “THE MATRIX meets 24” and of the current Top Secret Intelligence Leaks.

Marc Eychenne, VP of International Content at Dailymotion, said:

“Dailymotion is designed to make it easy for leading and emerging filmmakers to realise their ambitions by reaching our global audience of 120 million viewers. We have worked hard to develop and deliver the high quality technology platform that both does justice to the work of young artists and provides a great viewing experience for our users. We are happy to be bringing more work from upcoming artists to our viewers through this exclusive partnership.”

Renderyard Film Network is an international digital multimedia platform operating as an independent film festival and a free film and music distributor to provide award-winning filmmakers, musicians and visual artists with a platform onto which filmmakers can upload and screen their work as well as promote and sell it.

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