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Dark comedy drama ‘Impolite Boys’ takes dysfunctional relationships to the next level


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This week’s newly released dark comedy drama “Impolite Boys” is challenging the dysfunctional relationship stereotypes in the big city.

Directed, written and produced by upcoming filmmaker Hamado Ouedraogo, “Impolite Boys” takes audiences on a journey through New York City’s high drama relationships, and goes deep into the absurd as it brings out the best (or worst) in everyone.

Following the life of Peter and John, two unbearable guys who try to survive the adversities of New York City life, the film dives into its own sub-genre of comedy to reveal its entertaining plot line.

With a mixture of punctuated and provocative gags, the film delivers intrigue as it shows a variety of over-the-top characters that meet and exceed all anticipation. With the jealousy of a stepmother to add to the film’s overall journey, it’s a story that’s definitely setting itself apart from other comedies.

Shot on location in New York and the Bronx at the end of last year, “Impolite Boys” recently completed its post-production ahead of its release on Monday.

Starring Marvelous Jarvis in the lead as Peter alongside Sam Arthur in the role of John, the film was produced by Gadin Media, and also features indie actors Frank Failla, Nedra Shamberger and Sarai Quinice in supporting roles.

Cast and crew members Youssouf Nikiema and Iris Liu also participated in the production, the latest in a slate of films scheduled for shooting in the coming year by Gadin Media.

Thanks to New York’s buzzing independent film scene, “Impolite Boys” was able to secure local support and funding to get the feature made in 6K.

With the impact of the pandemic felt by filmmakers across the state, “Impolite Boys” aims to bring much needed laughs and cheers to audiences.

“Impolite Boys” is now available to stream via Apple TV, VUDU, Google Play and Amazon Prime.


© Gadin Media

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