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Creative video at work : The evolution of social business

Videos in business and why they matter

Creativity and innovation are an important components of eye catching video content that is both informative and entertaining. Within business, creative videos are becoming a bigger part of corporate culture in the UK because they are providing additional benefits to employees and management across the board.

From conferences to ‘How To’ videos, content is being consumed at an ever-increasing rate in the workplace and this is providing businesses and content creators with new opportunities.

Youtube has dominated the online sphere for video sharing and distribution for many years but as of yet, the ‘Corporate Youtube’ hasn’t made its mark, until now.

A company called Qumu has developed what’s called an ‘Enterprise Video Platform’ allowing people to share and upload videos, just like on Youtube, but it goes a step further. In their platform you can now find content using speech search in addition to traditional search.

This technology has the potential to change the way people search and consume content in the years to come (in business and elsewhere). When you produce short videos, or promos, there are often opportunities to create memorable scenes, montages, and entertaining climaxes in your stories. You can now envisage your audience in the near future being able to search memorable phrases, and words used by your characters and speakers in addition to content titles. This opens up a whole new avenue for making your content stand out in words, not just images.

Moving back towards the concept of videos in business, we are witnessing a shift whereby managers and employees are sharing and watching videos in the workplace to learn and connect. From board meetings to events and conferences, businesses are turning more and more towards video content to educate workers, improve skills and develop new revenues. These videos have both internal and external benefits, as they can lure in new customers and let other employees know about what’s happening right now in the business itself. Watching certain types of videos has also been proven to motivate and increase performance, which I’ve highlighted below in these content examples.

Business video types

Below are a few examples of business video formats emerging from the UK:

Business event

B2B Infomercial

Conference / Expert opinion

A recent study launched by PLoS One, and highlighted by Maia Szalavitz in her Time Magazine feature, showed how cat videos could improve a person’s accuracy, and speed. With the benefits of internal and external communication through video evidently clear, the potential of improving worker efficiency and social interaction is an even greater advantage. In the coming months business videos will have a much bigger importance because they share a connection beyond the scope of an office environment, and particularly for multinational companies; they are going to have a lasting impact on internal culture. Both workers and content creators are witnessing the dawn of a new era for social videos in business, and in 2013, new technologies in the video content arena will bring us closer together.

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