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Christopher Nolan is going to crash a $5m WW2 plane into the ground

Film director Christopher Nolan is reportedly going to a shoot a scene for his new film ‘Dunkirk’ that involves crashing a $5m WW2 era plane into the ground.

Warner Bros made the purchase according to a report by Indie Revolver of a former German Luftwaffe plane that will be used in the film. The scene will involve equipping the plane with IMAX cameras as it crashes during an action sequence.

'Dunkirk' is currently in production, filming in the north of France as well as the UK and will re-create a pivotal moment during the second world war when 338,000 allied soldiers were evacuated from Dunkirk, France as they were being surrounded by Nazi forces.

Nolan wants to avoid using CGI in the film by using real WW2 era props. The production has also managed to get hold of a French T-47 Class Destroyer from Brittany to make the film as authentic as possible. The film stars ex-One Direction singer Harry Styles, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance, Sir Kenneth Branagh, James D’Arcy and Tom Hardy.

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