Christian Bale to build Aronofsky's Noah's Ark?

Christian Bale has been linked to talks on the Darren Aronofsky feature 'Noah's Ark'.

The Batman actor is reportedly in negotiations to star as Noah in Aronofsky's upcoming adaptation of one of the most well known Bible tales.

The theme of 'Noah's Ark' strikes a resemblance to the impending doom scientists predict in a 100-150 years if global warming continues to rise above 2 degrees. 'Noah's Ark' is the perfect symbolic movie to make when people are scrambling to advert rising sea waters and push Co2 down.

For Aronofsky, the concept of Noah's character is the first "environmentalist".

Christian Bale's next to movie projects see him reprising his role as Batman in 'The Dark Knight Rises' and a war correspondent who survives a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan in 'The Last Photograph'.

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