Will The Dark Knight Rises with Christian Bale be an Oscar contender?

Christian Bale recently won a Golden Globe and is nominated for an Oscar for The Fighter . Will The Dark Knight Rises have Academy Awards potential?

When the third installment of Lord of the Rings finally hit cinemas, later at the Oscars it won 11 Awards. The film trilogy, which became an international hit was one of the most complicated to make in movie history.

Will the Batman franchise ever get the same level of attention? Late actor Heath Ledger was awarded a Post-Humous Oscar, but the film itself was never really going to get the same attention.

Do the Batman films merit more Oscar nominations, and does Christopher Nolan have the edge voters are looking for? According to this year s Award shows, he does.   Inception is in the running for Best Picture, starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

The Dark Knight Rises

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