Chris Brown and Rihanna to get back together on ABC?

Chris Brown took his rage out on Good Morning America at the start of the week after the painful Rihanna question, but will the two go on live?

News coming from a source at ABC suggest that the network wants Rihanna and Chris Brown to do a joint interview. Will this help them resolve their differences or bring on 'Jerry Springer' moment?

The domestic violence issues surrounding Rihanna and Chris Brown in 2011 make this a hot topic.

Can these two actually stand in the same room at the ABC studio without a chair being thrown? What does this really mean and is this good TV?

It is such a painful topic for both, but more for Brown who instigated the assault. Ever since the fight, the two have been on a roller coaster in their own lives. Rihanna for one, has turned up the sex in all her videos, while Brown recovers and gets his groove back in his own way.

Brown is set to make an appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

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