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Chicago filmmaker gives hope to young generation

'Go For It' film a great example

First time filmmaker Carmen Marrow has become a success story with her feature 'Go For It'.

The film, which was written, directed and produced by Marrow and her husband tells the story of a young woman seeking to follow her dreams to become a professional dancer and overcoming adversity to realize her dreams. The dance drama was made to inspire people and give them hope so that they can have more fulfillment in their lives.

The film, which took years to finance, and was shot on a million dollar budget has been accepted into the Chicago International Film Festival, and won three audience awards at various film festivals across America.

In a recent interview with ABC, Carmen said "I am going to write a script and I'm going to create characters and life stories that represents them and their struggles, like the struggles I had when I growing up and hopefully I'm going to give them inspiration and help them find the inner strength to change their lives."

Carmen is one of ten children of Mexican descent, and struggled in her early life to overcome challenges and felt that there was a lack of positive people and role models young students could turn to, when she worked as a counselor. Often in adolescence, role models play an important part in discovering one's own journey. Positive role models are important to guide young people as they learn more about the world, and this film provides a life story that "is about trying to reach out and touch as many lives in a positive way while we are on this earth."

The film is not only a success story for Carmen, but it also gives hope to other filmmakers who are looking to shoot their first movie, showing them that with determination and a strong story, anything is possible.

'Go For It!' will get its Chicago premiere on Saturday 9th October

Go For It Movie Trailer


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