Charlie Sheen reveals he was “blackmailed” out of millions over HIV

Charlie Sheen has revealed on the Today Show that he is H.I.V positive in an interview that was highly anticipated following reports yesterday.

The “Two and a Half Men” star publicly revealed that he had been diagnosed as H.I.V positive about 4 years ago, and told Matt Lauer that he wanted to end this, “barrage of attacks.”

Sheen said that he had paid several people millions of dollars to keep quiet about his diagnosis which was, “money taken away from my kids.”

It was speculated although not confirmed that the actor would face several lawsuits because he had allegedly kept his diagnosis secret from partners. The actor was upfront about the fact he had felt he was coming out of prison by making the announcement and stated that he was no longer paying people to keep quiet.

Following his public ‘meltdown’ in 2011 Sheen has not attained the success he had with “Two and a Half Men” having starred in “Anger Management” for FX which was later canceled. His last movie appearance was in “Machete.”

The actor’s interview may encourage others in the entertainment industry to come forward however it is unclear whether Sheen will ever reveal those that allegedly extorted money from him to keep his diagnosis quiet.

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