Charlie Sheen will reveal he is HIV Positive on Today Show - Reports


© Joella Marano, Wikimedia Commons

Actor Charlie Sheen is reportedly revealing on the Today Show Tuesday that he is HIV positive.

Several reports have suggested that Charlie Sheen will disclose his HIV diagnosis publicly for the first time, and sources have spoken to NBC and People Magazine that Sheen will sit down with Matt Lauer Tuesday morning to discuss it.

NBC released a statement saying that Charlie Sheen would be making a “revealing personal announcement.” The Two And a Half Men star reportedly split with longtime publicist Jeff Ballard, although it was not clear whether it was tied to his diagnosis. The actor may face several lawsuits and this may have contributed to the public announcement that is expected tomorrow.

The actor is no stranger to controversy having struggled with substance abuse, and being hospitalized on several occasions. Sheen's explosive relationship with Denise Richards has often made headlines, along with his one-liners and famous public bashing of Chuck Lorre back in 2011 after he was fired from “Two and a Half Men.”

Sheen subsequently went on a media tour to defend himself and later launched a variety of stand-up shows across the U.S. The actor recently played Garth Volbeck in “The Goldbergs” TV Series.

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