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Caterina Murino reveals why Daniel Craig quit James Bond

After Daniel Craig turned down a reported two-film deal with Bond producers his ‘Casino Royale’ co-star Caterina Murino has come forward to reveal why.

Craig was offered a staggering sum of £68 million for the next two Bond films after the success of the last two outings including ‘Skyfall’ which exceeded $1 billion at the box office. The reason for his decision not to continue comes down to the enormous pressure he faced playing the role and the tension that comes with all the money involved according to Murino.

Speaking with Sunday People, Murino revealed that the pressure of having to be the ‘perfect’ Bond led to his decision. She also highlighted how it was difficult for an actor to be able to “find new things in the same role.”

Before the world premiere in London of ‘Spectre’, Craig had made it clear that he was done with playing the role. Murino, who played Solange in ‘Casino Royale’ is said to be close to Bond producer Barbara Broccoli and thinks that she will cast a theatre actor as the next Bond.

Film director Sam Mendes has also hinted that the next Bond will be a surprise while actor Tom Hiddleston recently revealed that it was highly unlikely he would be cast in the next James Bond picture.

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