Can 3D really replace DVDs, Blu Rays and HD TVs?

In the digital era, 3D movie making is a big deal, but does it represent a challenge to the well established, but declining DVD market?

Does a 3D TV make sense when the technology seems to change at an ever faster pace? When the Blu Ray came out, it was already made obsolete by online HD streaming. Although this is still far from being deliverable to a majority of customers due to the speed of the internet, will they want to take on 3D as another addition to their home viewing experience?

At the cinema there is a huge demand for 3D movies, especially for big blockbusters and animations like James Cameron's Avatar. But will there be a point when 3D movies replace the home viewing experience or is this just a fad?

The film studios are piling huge resources into the 3D box office phenomenon, and 3D is slowly getting translated to the home. What do you think the future of 3D is?

A look at 3D

'3D is the future' : Dreamworks

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