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Bulgarian thriller "Danny. Legend. God." lands distribution deal


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Every generation has a legend. Every generation has a God.

In this Bulgarian thriller feature, a crime documentary project gets hijacked by its subject. Danny (Dimo Alexiev) is a city councillor and businessman in an unnamed Eastern European town. He has agreed to be the subject of a documentary on money laundering. But as soon as they arrive, Danny tells the film crew to forget about their script and to just follow him and film everything. The documentary is now a feature called “Danny. Legend. God.”

This comedic, crime thriller awaits its release in the 2nd quarter of 2021 on all platforms after Reel 2 Reel Films Limited unleashes the film across North America, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. The deal was negotiated by Andy Taylor of Trinity Creative Partnerships and Princeton Holt of Hewes Pictures.

Written and directed by Yavor Petkov, he says his intention was “to put the viewers right next to this wild, charismatic, transgressive sociopath-- Not inside his head through a voiceover, but just close enough so many will be coaxed into letting their guards down, just like the film crew shooting the documentary.”

Stefan Laudyn, Director of Warsaw Film Festival gives his thoughts on the cast in saying that “Dimo Alexiev is like Zlatan Ibrahimović on the big screen.”

"Starting like a satire of urban folklore, 'Danny. Legend. God.' unfolds into a universal story about complexes, fear and the total failure of a man”, as described by another filmmaker from Warsaw Film Festival, Viktoria Marinov.

Danny. Legend. God Trailer

“Danny. Legend. God.” played in the official selections at the Warsaw Film Festival 2020 and the Sofia International Film Festival 2020. It also won Best Cinematography at the Golden Rose Bulgarian Feature Film Festival and Best English Language Feature at the Cardiff International Film Festival. The film stars James Babson, Kate Nichols, Valentina Aleksandrova, Iliana Lazarova, Suzanitta, Borislav Markovski, Emil Kamenov, Georgi Naldzhiev, and others.

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