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Brexit movie producer facing jail for fake earnings scam


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A producer for the 2016 film ‘Brexit: The Movie’ featuring Nigel Farage and David Davis is facing jail after admitting he lied about his earnings in order to get a £519,000 investment deal for his business.

36-year-old David Shipley admitted to lying to a potential business investor who put £519,000 into his company. He was also able to convince another producer on the film, Hunter DuBose, to put in £450,000 into his company Spitfire Capital Advisors according to the Evening Standard.

Speaking to prosecutors in London at the Southwark Crown Court, the producer and activist for the campaign to take Britain out of the European Union admitted to lying about his new start-up business which helped him secure the investment.

Brexit: The Movie’ was a crowdfunded documentary that received £50,000 in funds from Shipley’s firm and held its premiere at London’s Leicester Square ahead of the 2016 referendum. A number of high profile Conservative Members of Parliament and British celebrities attended the screening including David Davis and Jacob Rees-Mogg. Nigel Farage (often referred to as the architect of Brexit) was also one of the key figures who went to the film’s premiere.

Shipley had reportedly boasted that he would be able to flee the country before being sentenced and that he was in discussions to set up another business in Malaysia. The producer pleaded guilty to one charge of fraud and faces sentencing at the end of April.

Now available to view for free online, ‘Brexit: The Movie’ has been seen by more than 3 million viewers, and is available to watch on Vimeo in full:

At the time of the documentary’s release, the film was highly controversial and divided opinion as it made a case for Britain to leave the EU, covering a wide number of issues from fishing to manufacturing and trade. As well as its arguments for leaving the EU, the film included cultural references to Churchill and highlighted how Switzerland benefitted from not being an EU member. China was also a key focus of the film, given that trade between the UK and China was growing much faster than with other EU member states.

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