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Birds Eye View Film Festival opens with 'When I saw You'


Birds Eye View Film Festival opens in London

The Birds Eye View Film Festival opens today with the UK premiere of 'When I Saw You' directed by Annemarie Jacir.

This year's festival highlights Arab women filmmakers and will showcase some of the best films to come from female directors in the past year. With a host of international festival prizes and award wins for this year's selected films, it's going to be a cultural awakening for people heading down to the BFI this week.

Annemair Jacir who is originally from Palestine, spoke with Culture Critic ahead of the film's premiere tonight. She highlighted the Palestinian film industry in her discussion as well as the stories she is interested in.

"There have been many. The wonderful thing about digital cinema of course is that it is now more affordable to make films. It also allows new filmmakers the ability to experiment as they try to find their voice. This has had a great influence on Palestinian cinema. Filmmaking becomes something for everyone. We are seeing wonderful new voices from Palestine and more are coming. I am sure the best of Palestinian cinema is yet to come - we don't know their names yet but those filmmakers are on the way." - Culture Critic.

Will you be attending this year's Birds Eye View Film Festival? Check out more on the selection right here. Best of luck to all the entrants this year.

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