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How should the BFI allocate its £57 million annual spend?

With just 2 weeks left to participate in consultation sessions with the BFI, filmmakers, producers and film industry figures have an opportunity to give their feedback about the way funding is allocated across the film industry. 

There are many issues that are covered in the current proposal that should be looked at. The BFI Future Plan covers areas such as training, distribution and production funds, short film funds, co-production and investment in film heritage.

Take a look at the BFI Future Film Plan to get more understanding of the direction the UK film industry will take in the next few years. Do you agree with it? What needs to be changed? Could you envisage funding allocated in other areas? Make your voice heard:

Consultation sessions in the UK:

Monday 28th May - Birmingham (1.40pm - 4pm)
Mac Arts venue

Tuesday 29th May - Glasgow (1pm - 3.30pm)
Glasgow Film Venue

Wednesday 30th May - London (10.30am - 1pm)
BFI Venue

Thursday 31st May - Manchester (1.30pm - 4pm)
Corner House Venue

Friday 1st June - Belfast (1pm - 3.30pm)
Queens Film Theatre Venue

Online submission

You can also make your consultation submission online by filling out the BFI form.

Featuring your opinion

If you would like to highlight your viewpoint about how funding should be allocated, or where you would like to see an increase in investment let us know:

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