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Ben Affleck joins George Clooney : Staying out of politics

Ben Affleck not running

It was rumored that Ben Affleck would be running for Senate, but the hype was clearly founded on nothing more than 'fiction'.

Affleck announced via Facebook that he would not be running for the U.S Senate. Instead he talked about his love for Massachusetts, and how it had been a privilege for him to work with the Eastern Congo Initiative. Founded in 2010, the Eastern Congo Initiative was considered the first U.S advocacy initiative helping people in the eastern Congo. Affleck has also travelled extensively in Africa, and revealed the plight of Congolese refugees with the backing of the United Nations.

The 'Argo' director and actor is not the first in Hollywood to be tied to politics. On many occasions George Clooney has been linked to the Senate, and the presidency, particularly due to his various projects in film that have had political aspects. Both Clooney and Affleck have worked on humanitarian projects and drawn international press coverage for their non-profit advocacy, and are often in the spotlight in a 'leadership role' in raising awareness.

However, this time, Affleck will be focusing on the Awards season for his highly acclaimed directorial outing in 'Argo' instead of running toward a Senate position. Best of luck to him!

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