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Ben Affleck gets critical acclaim for The Town

Ben Affleck's second directorial outing in The Town has won him praise including a Golden Globes nomination.

The film depicts the story of a longtime thief that tries to manage his feelings between an FBI agent that wants to arrest him, and a bank manager connected to an earlier heist.

Affleck s outing in 1997 sleeper hit Good Will Hunting with Matt Damon as co-writer was his first critical acclaim behind the camera. Adding to The Town s success was a Producer s Guild nomination on Tuesday. Pete Postlethwaite, who passed away a few short days ago, also plays in the film.

The Town trailer

Ben Affleck behind the Camera

Affleck recently spoke with Vanity Fair about the shoot and the journey he made to pursue his directing career: I definitely feel confident that this is what I'm supposed to be doing. I definitely feel a strange mix of confidence, in the sense that I'm really comfortable with this notion of purpose this is what I want to do and this is what I like to do. I also know you can t control the result every time. I've seen the whole spectrum of results, and if I get the opportunity to keep working down the road, I ll make movies that work and those that don t. It's just the circle of life, as Elton John might say.

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