Luis Suarez becomes a movie poster meme : Top Pics


The infamous Luis Suarez bite at the World Cup this week has been turned into an internet meme, giving the footballer a new alter-ego in some of our favorite movies.

Form 'Suarez Park' to 'Jaws', images of Suarez biting into the italian football player have been re-created and photoshopped into alternative story-lines.

There's even a hilarious side-by-side comparison of real meat that Suarez should choose, rather than biting into someone's shoulder (or neck, depending on how far some people have taken it).

After The Mask made his appearance at the World Cup, and the internet decided to destroy Batman, is Suarez the new star of parody? Check out the range of movie posters and memes that 'honor' Suarez.

Top Suarez pics from around the web


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