Jim Carrey character makes over-the-top debut at World Cup

Just moments ago at the start of the Iran vs Argentina match at the World Cup, fans were introduced to something much more over-the-top and noteworthy than anything that could be found on the pitch.

As the camera panned across the crowd for the game's opening, a man wearing a full body 'The Mask' costume was captured on screen in what can only be described as 'hilarious'.

Wearing a bright yellow suit, multi-colored tie and a clear white shirt, the football fan instantly shined like a beacon at the stadium as cameras caught his flashy appearance. The perfectly crafted green mask and big teeth also make this one of the most over-the-top appearances at this year's World Cup so far.

Check out the various images coming thru on Twitter showing just how Jim Carrey's 'The Mask' has made an impact 20 years after it was released .

The Mask fan

Are you watching the World Cup? Who's going to be the first to wear a Batman suit?

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