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'The Batman Chronicles' trailer takes on Hollywood studios

Batman is back

After a successful crowd-funding campaign, the filmmakers behind 'The Batman Chronicles' have much to celebrate with the release of their new trailer.

The fan-made project, directed by Joseph Petruccio managed to raise over $18,000 on Indiegogo with the backing of 600 donors. The non-profit web series is one of many fan-made projects to hit the web in recent years, but what makes 'The Batman Chronicles' an interesting study, is how the trailer encompasses some high production standards with an editing style that almost feels as if this could have been made by a studio (albeit on a brutally aenimic budget).

In fact, if you watch this trailer below, you'll see how the filmmakers have managed to capture that dark film-noir style feel with the help of a superb soundtrack and some strong acting performances.

Batman Chronicles Trailer

While 'The Batman Chronicles' may not have the visual splendor of a Hollywood trailer it does manage to achieve a hell of a lot and considering the small budget, and attention to costume design, along with locations, this is one impressive Batman fan project.

We wait to see the next step in this series.

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