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Barrio Independent Productions announces Frenzy Short Film Fest 2021


This year, Barrio Independent Productions returns with the successful Frenzy Short Film Festival, an initiative focusing on the social and psychological vulnerabilities of individuals and communities at large.

BIP has continued its commitment to providing opportunities for new independent filmmakers through its first-ever short film festival in East Harlem dedicated to the human psyche. All Shorts and scripts must revolve around some “Frenzy” episode (a phase in which excitement seems to lead us to unconsciousness, and that can become negative when control is lost, or behavior transgresses what society considers “normal”).

This year, Frenzy Short Film Festival has two categories: Filmmaker (Final production Short-Film) & Screenwriter. Barrio Independent Productions / Frenzy Short Film Festival will select up to three scripts for the writer’s competition and up to six short films for the Filmmakers competition. The three selected scripts will be produced into a final production.

The Festival will take place with a live audience at El Barrio's Artspace PS109, from November 12th to the 14th, and virtually from November 15 to the 21st, through the BIP Facebook page and via the official website. Each film will have a link for viewing during the 7 days, available for watching 24 hours a day.

Frenzy Short Film Fest 2021 call for submissions

The public will select the Best Short Film and Best Screenplay and winners in both categories will receive extraordinary prizes. The submissions are set to open to all independent short films with screenwriters and filmmakers from anywhere in the world being able to participate. The festival will also be accepting submissions for scripts until May 30, 2021, and the call for short films, already filmed (filmmakers), will be open until August 15, 2021. Filmmakers and screenwriters can access the application by going to the website.

BIP, led by a group of committed artists with extensive careers in different manifestations of art such as writers, actors, poets, filmmakers, and producers, is a non-profit organization dedicated to artistic productions, and committed to collaboration as well as presentation of cultural and artistic events that reflect our society. The organization also promotes and enhances the values of underrepresented Latino and Caribbean communities, while serving as a cultural bridge between playwrights, poets, filmmakers, actors, dancers, and all kinds of artistic manifestations.

Frenzy Short Film Festival is seeking to highlight remarkable new filmmakers and scriptwriters with diverse, engaging content; the type of work defined by forward-thinking perspectives and unconventional yet universally appealing stories. The festival is also aiming to provide an opportunity for writers to realize a full production of their own project. And their goal is to produce and promote the creation of shows and cultural events, through different art forms that reflect the traditions and enhance the values of Latinx communities (including the Caribbean) and minority communities in general.


You can submit your entry to the Frenzy Short Film Festival and discover the latest updates on Instagram to find out more.

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