Bankrupt Detroit gave birth to the film industry's biggest names

Detroit : A city of talent

There's this misconception in the media that Detroit is this broken city, with lost dreams and that residents are somehow desperate and divided. Why then are some of the most successful people in the film industry from there?

You only have to delve back into recent history to see some big names that have become worldwide successes. In music, does Diana Ross, Eminem or Big Sean ring a bell? How about the film industry's most famous producer Jerry Bruckheimer, or world renowned director Francis Ford Coppola?

If none of those names have any meaning then perhaps, Tim Selleck, Tom Sizemore, Robert Wagner or Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton might? The list is far more extensive but all these success stories started in what today, appears to be this ruined city and state, that has no where to go but down. I disagree.

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I just think it's sad that the portrayal of Detroit is so negative. It couldn't have a greater history. It's got some serious problems and I won't pretend to ignore them, but at the same time, it's a little overkill to keep hounding in this message of disaster, despair. I think Detroit could be turned around. It's got the potential to help people grow as artists. It's definitely brought creativity to the farthest corners of the world.

It's sad to me that Detroit was the foundation of many of today's greatest entertainment success stories, and the state as a whole has become this 2nd class citizen. It deserves better, and it needs support to keep history alive with creation.

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