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Awesome Film Festivals taking place this November in the UK

Film Festival fever continues

November is a cold month but that doesn't stop filmmakers from enjoying the fun of going to a film festival to see some great cinematic masterpieces on screen. So what's on as we approach the final weeks leading up to Christmas?

Here is a list of upcoming festivals that you can attend this November (If you haven't made it on to our list get in contact today and it will be updated)!

List of film festivals in November

Utopia Film Festival

The 2013 Utopia Film Festival will be the 4th Portuguese festival showcasing a selection of films with the central theme of "Film, Memory and Landscape"

Running - Nov 27th - Dec 8th in London

Official Website :

African Film Festival

The first African Film festival will be launched this autumn by Watch-Africa celebrating African culture and will include workshops, masterclasses, Q and A's with film industry professionals and panel discussions. The lineup includes 11 features and 4 short films.

Running - November 30th - 7th December in Cardiff

Official Website :

London Feminist Film Festival

This year the London Feminist Film Festival will present 21 short films and 10 features including post-film panel discussions, debates on feminist issues attended by prominent women filmmakers, critics and women's rights activists.

Running - 24th - 30th November in London

London Feminist Film Festival

St Andrews Green Film Festival

7 features and numerous short films will be showcased including workshops focusing on environmental themes. The festival seeks to inspire change and engage people on current issues.

Running - 22nd - 24th November in St Andrews

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