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Australian horror film ‘The Faceless Man’ set for distribution in North America


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James Di Martino’s The Faceless Man has been acquired by Freedom Cinema LLC for North American release. The deal was negotiated by New York City-based film sales agency Hewes Pictures. 

The film, which was inspired by Di Martino’s own Lymphoma diagnosis as a young adult, circulates around Emily (Sophie Thurling), a cancer survivor who’s fear of the sickness returning still looms over her. In an attempt to lift her spirits, her best friend Nina (Lorin Kauffeld) and four other friends take her to the countryside for a weekend getaway. Secluded from the outside world, the six friends are pestered by the town’s locals. At the same time, a monstrous entity known as “faceless man” haunts and harrasses the friends, testing their breaking points. 

The film also features striking performances from others including Andy McPhee as an intimidating home owner, Roger Ward as the leader of a local biker gang who taunts the group, and Brendan Bacon as Emily’s estranged father. The cast also includes Lucas Pittaway, Albert Goikhman, Daniel Reader, Daniel Facciolo, Martin Astifo, and Sunny S. Walia.

Trailer: The Faceless Man

The Faceless Man will be released on digital platforms on August 28th. 

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