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Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie career may be over

When Arnold Schwarzenegger became Governor of California back in 2003, he had just finished promoting his last outing in 'Terminator 3' and was saying goodbye to acting. After 8 years in office, Schwarzenegger is now 63 years old, and has lived a politician's mindset for so many years. In what way will he return to the big screen?

Despite a long history of acting and millions of enthusiastic fans waiting for a 'Commando' style return, Arnie may be shifting his focus to other areas such as the environment and public speaking, which he is preparing for in the short term.

Schwarzenegger left office with strong political allies, in depth knowledge on social and economic issues, but he has been out of the Hollywood movie system for a very long time.

The Terminator we knew in 2003 is a different man, with changed perceptions, goals, and a new sense of purpose. He also is of course, a father of four, and may wish to choose to support his family before making any onscreen return.

Can Arnold stay in the game like Sly Stallone?

While Schwarzenegger may be aging and changing, Stallone has stayed in the game, despite the age factor. Sly has even used it has a motive to train harder and stay at peak performance. However he admitted that directing and writing was ultimately where he would be heading in the next few years.

Whether Arnie will have a role in Expendables 2 is all-hypothetical, but after journeying in a completely opposite direction, it may no longer be the place he wants to be in. The Schwarzenegger of the past, might not be back. Or as in Arnie's would say in The Last Action Hero: No Sequel for you. We hope, however, that he does return, because there is nothing more entertaining than hearing the iconic lines that have echoed throughout time. Get to the Chopper!

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