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Are you going to see 'Man of Steel 2' and 3?

Man of Steel sequels lined up?

'Superman: Man Of Steel' earned a whopping $56 million after 2 days and may hit over $110-120m this weekend at the box office. Are we already set for a 2nd or even a 3rd outing?

Zack Synder's 'Man of Steel' cost more than $200 million to produce and market but the blockbuster film has done remarkably well. After the predicted film industry implosion this week by Spielberg and Lucas, 'Man of Steel' seemed to prove that the formula is still working, at least for now.

Produced by Batman director Chris Nolan, 'Man of Steel' grossed a reported $12 million on Thursday at Walmart screenings. It's now only second to last year's 'The Hunger Games' opening of $67 million.

This, coupled with the overseas box office could land Warner Bros with a spectacular victory. Should 'Man of Steel 2' get underway?

Check out the Superman trailer below.

'Man of Steel trailer'

'Man of Steel' stars Henry Cavill, Henry Adams and Michael Shannon with a run time of 143 minutes, and opened June 14th at cinemas nationwide.

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