Alyssa Milano 'fat shaming' echoes what Jennifer Lawrence was saying

Jay Mohr fat-shaming

Is this proof that Jennifer Lawrence was right? Comedian Jay Mohr had to issue a public apology after making several laugh-free comments about Alyssa Milano's body which she called out as "Fat shaming."

The comedian jokingly said that the actress, was like "she had a baby" on air at the Nascar Sprint Cup Series Event. Several other comments also made reference to her weight that were interpreted as critiques of her looks, in a very inappropriate manner.

Jokes aside, Milano was quick to issue a public rebuke on Christmas Day over some of his hurtful comments on Twitter and wrote

Jennifer Lawrence recently highlighted how the media should stop calling people fat or making comments that suggest it. In an interview with Barbara Walters, she called for it to be illegal.

Is this latest string of bad humor just further proof that "fat shaming" should be cut-out altogether? Milano certainly made her stand.

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