If Jennifer Lawrence was fat, would you let her know on TV?

Who is considered fat?

Calling someone fat on TV should be illegal according to Jennifer Lawrence, but how badly does the abuse affect those who are conscious about the way they look? Some celebrities continue to shine despite constant criticism about their weight, but should there be some better discipline by the media?

TV is not just the only arena where the abuse occurs. When people simply don't like a celebrity, they make their dislike loud. Filmmaker Michael Moore is a key example.

There is an entry in the Urban Dictionary that describes him as:

"A large obese liberal idiot, who looks remarkably like a frumpy middle-aged lesbian."

It gets worse. There's a book dedicated to him called 'Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid Idiot White Man'. That's a very harsh critique.

Singer Adele has also faces relentless criticism about her weight from people like Karl Lagerfeld, and Joan Rivers. Of course a lot of this is blown out of proportion and made loud in he media, but that must hurt.

Former action star Steven Seagal has also taken criticism for his increased size over the years despite appearing in a succesful TV show in 'Lawman'. His size certainly doesn't prevent him from doing his job.

And when we look back at what Jennifer Lawrence is saying (someone who is clearly not fat, but considers herself to be), is this proof that the media are being too harsh on weight?

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