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ACTION A.C. and Prop Rentals teams up with Evaclean to provide new disinfection system for Brooklyn based film production studios


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ACTION A.C. and Prop Rentals has announced today that they have been strategically working with Massachusetts based Evaclean to offer a safe and effective disinfection option to the Brooklyn based film and television industry.

Following the acquisition of a series of Protexus Electrostatic Sprayer Systems with environmentally friendly disinfectant products PUR-ONE and PURTABS, EPA List N approved disinfectants proven effective against COVID-19 in just 1 minute, ACTION A.C. can now offer a safe and effective disinfecting option for their Film and Television production clients.

“Since the middle of March, we realized that there was going to be a major hurdle for us to get back to film production as we knew it," said ACTION A.C. spokesperson Christopher DeTitta, veteran I.A.T.S.E. leadman with major motion picture film and television credits spanning over 30 years.
“We began meticulously researching all of the available cleaning and disinfecting solutions that would be effective against the current novel coronavirus, however most of the popular products available today leave behind a heavy chemical odor that can be irritating to the eyes and cause difficulty breathing. We wanted to find a product that would be effective, easy to use and safe around our cast and crew. After weeks of searching for just the right product, we finally came across Evaclean and their Protexus Disinfecting System and just had to see it for ourselves.”

“I received interest in our Protexus system and PUR-TABS from ACTION A.C. and Prop Rentals in April. Most of our clientele had been in the healthcare, food service and education industries but I felt strongly enough about our product being the right fit for the entertainment industry that I immediately set up a meeting at one of their jobsites in Brooklyn,” said Jeremiah Gray, Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of Evaclean. “I brought all of our products, demonstrated the effectiveness of our electrostatic sprayers and trained the ACTION A.C. team in the proper use and maintenance of the system. By the end of our training session we had a deal.”

Mr. DeTitta continued, “We just love the simplicity and ease of use, not to mention the fact that this disinfectant is proven effective in only 1 minute and will protect the treated areas for 24 hours. Plus there is no irritating odor or harsh aerosol to cause breathing difficulties. If we had to, we can apply this disinfectant to the entire set, while the crew is present, and everyone can continue work immediately. Keeping the cast and crew safe and the production schedule moving, these are the key factors in us choosing the Protexus System, and this system could be the key in getting us all back to work.”

With coronavirus posing a challenge for production companies and crews as they get back to shooting, ACTION A.C. and Prop Rentals are providing a safe and secure way to protect sets and studios, enabling technicians, production staff and actors to work in clean, disinfected environments.

Formed in 2009, ACTION A.C. and Prop Rentals has fast become a premier provider of portable air cooling solutions, cleared artwork and New York Police Department style “Set Dressing” rentals to the tri-state film production industry. Built by professionals of the film industry, for the film industry, ACTION A.C. and Prop Rentals production consultants have serviced a wide range of clients in the production industry and with its new partnership with Evaclean (A division of Earthsafe), both companies can now provide nontoxic and biodegradable disinfectants directly to the film and TV industry.

To find out more, discover Action A.C. and Prop Rentals' latest services along with Evaclean's range of disinfectants.

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