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68,000 sign petition to bring back Family Guy's Brian Griffin

Petition to Family Guy creators

Family Guy fans around the world have launched an online petition calling for Seth MacFarlane and Fox to resurrect Brian from the dead.

After Brian Griffin, the intellectual talking dog was run over and killed in the latest Family Guy episode, fans have been calling for his return after his 15-year career came to an abrupt, and shocking end

Brian Griffin's character is arguably one of the most important in the show. Audiences have seen him go through hell and back, time and time again, but on this occasion, he didn't make it.

Brian Griffin dies...

Not only has Griffin previously been run over by Peter; he's also been shot multiple times, beaten up, and even blowtorched by Stewie in the most brutal way. We've seen him in hospital, we've seen others put him in hospital on more than one occasion. He's been the fabric of the show's off-the-wall humor. He's also the complete opposite of Peter, whos ridiculous antics mixed with Brian's cool, intellectual thinking adds to the entertainment of the Family Guy story.

It's sad to see this character die. I would certainly like to see him make a miraculous comeback. Can death bring back Brian in a future episode? Surely the fans should be able to see one of their favourite characters return.

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