5 things that could destroy Star Wars 7 in 1 hour

There are many risks in making high budget movies and millions of dollars are at stake every time one small element goes horribly wrong. One of the most famous disasters in recent memory was 'Lost in La Mancha', directed by Terry Gilliam with Johnny Depp and Jean Rochefort playing opposite each other. While this movie failed over 10 years ago, the haunts of the unforeseen can sometimes ruin even the most prepared production.

As the world awaits by the second every development in the Star Wars 7 production, there are just a few things that could go wrong, leading to the possible halt and even demise of the current film shoot.

1. Video/ picture leak from the set

A leak from the set making its way on the web could be very damaging given that it would instantly go viral and might offset the element of surprise for the marketing department. There could be plot elements revealed, debates about the franchise's direction, and huge media pressure on the filmmakers if people started speculating. This has to be very carefully controlled or things could get out of hand for the movie (as the press tend to go out of their way to predict the future). While this would not end the production, it could sour the mood of the whole cast and crew, knowing that someone did this and betrayed that trust.

2. Pinewood Studios going up in flames (again)

Back in 2006 the James Bond stage at Pinewood was completely destroyed by fire over a weekend. It cost millions in damage and the building was completely ruined. A similar disaster could occur to the Star Wars 7 film set if there was a spectacular electrical failure or another unforeseen event. Although extremely unlikely, this is a possibility and would no doubt halt the production in its tracks.

3. One of the main cast/crew deciding to quit

This could happen during the film. It's not the first time that creative differences have forced members of a cast and crew to part their separate ways. One of the most famous examples was back in 1994 when the director of the yet to be completed 'Waterworld' quit, and Kevin Costner had to finish it himself at the helm. While we don't expect J.J Abrams to give up on this one, you never know who might blow a fuse.

4. A death

As we tragically saw last year, 'Fast and Furious 7' had to be halted and delayed due to Paul Walker's death. It's something we would never wish for, but unfortunately on and off set accidents can happen.

5. Natural disaster

The UK is not immune to bad weather as we saw earlier in the year when half of the south east became a massive floodplain. Severely bad weather could hamper the production, and stop it in its tracks if it was too dangerous for the cast or crew to get into the studio. This is of course an extremely unlikely scenario given that summer is just around the corner.

So there you have it, some of the risks this production like many others will have to take. Let's hope SW7 makes it. Best of luck to the cast and crew!

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