5 stills that show Arnold Schwarzenegger still has Terminator ability


Arnie's fitness for T5

Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to star in Terminator 5 which is scheduled for a mid-2015 release but can he still deliver the face, and the presence of a Terminator? 

According to recent reports, shooting for Terminator 5 will begin in January 2014. The question fans have been asking is whether Arnie can still deliver anything close to the Terminator ability he had from 10 years ago. It was back in 2003 that we saw Schwarzenegger reprise the role of the Terminator, but with a decade gap, and after two terms in office, is it realistic to see him still pack a punch?

Well, leading up to the production of Terminator 5, we've seen Schwarzenegger reprise some hard guy roles from the badass sheriff in 'The Last Stand' to breaking out of Prison with Stallone in 'Escape Plan'. We will also get to see Arnold play the commander of a DEA squad in David Ayer's upcoming 'Sabotage' next year.

So, with these films in mind, here are 5 images that show Arnie's Terminator like charisma still exists:

Terminator 5 - The stills that sell


The face of a cold-wired robotic killer


The unrelenting danger of Schwarzenegger's accurate shot


Arnold's silver appearance puts fear into any room


Schwarzenegger's presence puts fear into any human


The zero emotion of Schwarzenegger is pre-built and ready for Terminator 5

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