5 Smartphone Apps to Enhance the Film Experience

As technology enables everything from enhanced clarity of films to the integration of more dazzling special effects, it improves film viewing outside the theater through the use of smartphone applications. From giving users interesting trivia regarding what they're watching to showing off which movies were filmed where they live, apps can provide viewers with info to make movie watching that much more magical.


If you already turn to IMDb to check filmographies and obtain movie quotes, get it on your smartphone to do these same things while viewing. The free IMDb app delivers the same functionality as the Web site, notes AppAdvice. It has trailers, film summaries, movie quotes, film reviews by critics and users and news. For iOS, Android and Windows devices.

2. Film Study

Watch classic movies in the public domain for free, directly from your device and import your own movies. What really sets this free app apart from a traditional player app is that you can take notes in the app while you watch the movie. A handy list of drop-down menu items allows you to tag the menu with themes perfect for that film dissertation, or when you're simply geeking out over movies in a theme. (Deep Space, anyone?) This is useful for film enthusiasts looking to pinpoint key moments, as notes can even be emailed to you post-viewing with screencaps and timestamps, AppAdvice says. For iOS devices.

3. E! News Now and E! Online

Read the latest celeb gossip, get initial reports on movie launches, see red carpet looks and stay ahead of the pop culture curve with the entertainment news you need. Browse the apps while watching TV or movies to find breaking news on actors and actresses, then casually impress company with your wealth of knowledge. For iOS, Android and the Blackberry Bold from T-Mobile.

4. Location Scout

While not an app you'll use while watching movies, Location Scout is a must for movie nerds, according to AppAdvice. The app scans your location, then tells you what landmarks nearby were part of movies. Perform a film title look-up to get an instant map of spots where that title was filmed. This app ups your industry credibility and provide entertainment at home and away. For iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

5. Awards Hero: Oscars Edition

The annual Oscars become much more exciting when you can play along at home with the app. The app allows users to watch the live broadcast in-app or select a unique camera angle to view from for a personalized experience, with pre-Oscar information, film trailers, celebrity fashion previews and exclusive videos. You can find out who was nominated in each major category and the history of past winners. For iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

If you have other favorite film and TV apps, leave them in the comments below.

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