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5 Positive Things You Can Take Away From a Horrible Movie

Have you ever seen a cringe worthy movie? A film so bad that you want to throw your large popcorn and cherry Slurpee at the screen? Whether it was poor acting or an inconsistent plot line, before you storm into the ticket office demanding your money back, here are 5 positive things you can take away from a horrible movie:

Great small talk - Never have anything to talk about with your co- workers or hairdresser? Now you do, because there is nothing people love more than trash talking an awful movie. Bad movies are a neutral topic that all schmoozers will love and agree on. People love harping on the bad so use this to your advantage. You might even make some friends. Note: this schmoozing tip also works for good movies.

Learning opportunity - For the aspiring filmmaker or actor this is a perfect learning moment. Ask yourself, "Why did I hate this movie so much that I am now angry?" Was it the acting or the plot? Once you’re able to identify the reasons this movie rubbed you the wrong way you can avoid making the same mistakes. This is one of those lemons to lemonade moments that a well-made movie teaches us.

Hero moment - You did not waste your time sitting through a terrible movie because now you can to be the hero. Having suffered through the movie, you now have the power to tell your friends your true feelings. People love being spared having to sit through a horrible movie. Your friends will appreciate it and you will feel that you did a nice thing. It’s a win-win.

Appreciation - There are so many awesome movies out there that we take for granted. Let this bad movie experience help you appreciate all the good movies in your life. After all making a good movie is hard work that often goes unnoticed. For this, I recommend sending your favorite actor, director, or writer a kind tweet expressing your appreciation of their work using the hashtag #filmAppreciation.

Experience - Okay so the movie was horrible but it’s the whole experience that matters, right? You still left the house, put on clothes and did something with your day and that’s more than other people can say. Also you got to enjoy your favorite movie snacks and I don’t know about you, but anywhere there’s food I’m happy. To leave you on a final note; you never EVER have to see the movie again.

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