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35mm film stock to disappear for good?

35mm stock film to disappearThe bulk of new film productions are now switching to HD as the flexibility of new technologies creates near 35mm standards without the development costs.

It has taken more than 5 years for HD to become a good alternative to 35mm stock film, but as we move forward with lower cost alternatives like DSLR cameras and hard drive powered cameras, it would seem the need for film stock is dwindling.

However, many in the Hollywood film industry would argue that 35mm is not replaceable by any means, due to the flawless quality of modern film stock. Steven Spielberg, who swears by non linear editing, is a key 'component' in the industry, and continues to advocate traditional film stock.

Shooting on 35mm is however a huge boost for any film production able to afford it, as HD is still a few years off perfection. As 3D becomes a new standard, it would seem that 3D HD could be the next highly used format, unless 4D takes over before the 3D cameras come out for the consumer

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