Youtuber Justin Bieber is 2010 s official most popular search

Nothing can match Justin Bieber s popularity in 2010 with Lady Gaga not even close to his epic online following that has skyrocketed this year.

With an epic haul of hundreds of millions of views on youtube, facebook and twitter fans, the talented 16 year old has become a media sensation not just for his music, but also for his ability to inspire so many young people.

After getting nearly 400 million views on a single video on youtube, people are wondering how on earth someone so young could be getting an online viewership in the billions over the course of one year. Michael Jackson would be proud of Justin s achievement for having achieved international acclaim and reaching so many people.

On top of his ability to draw massive media attention, the 16 year old has become the target for pranks, parodies, spoofs and re-mastered tracks. Despite some of the negative implications some of the videos have on him, the very movement that seeks to ridicule him has only further boosted his popularity.

Justin Bieber Baby featuring Ludacris

Ludcaris never expected to feature in the most popular music video of all time with Justin, but that s what happened when more than 420 million people viewed Bieber's Baby on youtube.

Youtube has been central to Bieber s rise to fame, and is a testament to how the internet is now the breakout medium for young people wanting to break into the entertainment industry.

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