X-Men: First Class poster gets demoted to coach

The new promotional Posters for X-Men: First Class are out, and the ratings are so bad we want to put them at the back of the plane in economy class .

20th Century Fox s new sneak peak at the artwork of the latest X Men prequel has received so much flak we just could not ignore it.

Why is this poster getting so little enthusiasm from the film world? One thing becomes obviously clear; lack of originality, professionalism or just anything that remotely resembles acceptable studio artwork .

Despite this unusually poor attempt at creating a poster for a future hit movie, what we can conclude is that it was done on purpose so that we would talk about it.

New Gap Logo fails : Is X-Men: First Class another attempt at viral marketing?

While the new Gap Logo failed miserably in 2010, it was one of the most talked about corporate PR catastrophe s' last year. Inadvertently, or maybe purposely, the failed GAP re-branding represented a huge boost in free publicity for the firm.

Looking at today s X : Men I can t stand it poster, the same tactics may be in play to bring about our brutal comments? Will it work? Most definitely.

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