Wyclef Jean shot in Haiti capital

Wyclef Jean is recovering from a gunshot wound after it was reported that he had been injured from small arms fire in the Haitian capital.

The singer was in the capital Port-Au-Prince ahead of the presidential elections.

The musician turned politician made a bid in 2010 to become Haiti's president but it was overturned by the country's provisional electoral council. He had not been a Hatian resident for 5 years which was mandatory for candidates.

Haiti has suffered incredible hardship since last year's January earthquake killed over 100,000 people and left more than a million refugees without homes. With makeshift tents and a huge humanitarian operation, aid slowly started to reach the country.

At the height of the disaster, Wyclef Jean was a leading figure in fundraising, making emotional appeals for donation through the MTV Hope for Haiti Telethon and his own charity YeleHaiti.

No further information has yet been released about the nature of the wound, but he is recovering in hospital.


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