Writers' Guild

Writers Guild of Great BritainWGGB: The Writers´ Guild of Britain

Set up in 1959, the WGGB represents writers working in film, theatre, television, radio, literature, poetry and multimedia.

This trade union helps ensure writers´ rights are respected and strives to improve their working conditions.  Moreover, the Guild offers advice to all its members in varying aspects: legal advice, copyright problems and legal representation…


Any writer who has received payment for a piece of work is entitled to join the Writer´s Guild of Britain. If a writer does not match these terms, he or she can become a candidate member. There are also student memberships for those who are undertaking writing courses, and free life membership for senior writers who have served in the Guild.


  • Seminars, debates and lectures
  • Networking evenings
  • Panel discussions
  • Campaigns


  • “Find the Writer” database which displays information about full members
  • Free seasonal magazine and weekly e-mail diffusing last-minute news
  • The Writers' Guild Pension Scheme particularly designed for writers
  • Financial Loans

Website: http://www.writersguild.org.uk/