Women play a small role in the film industry and the Oscars

It is sad to say that women are still a small part of the film industry as we approach the Oscars but could there be an upturn if female filmmakers get more recognition?

The Oscars are the premiere Awards ceremony in the world of film but as of yet, they have only ever nominated 4 female filmmakers, with Kathryn Bigelow making history directing The Hurt Locker .

Is the film industry so polarized towards men that women don t get enough attention, acclaim and recognition for their work? According to the Huffingtonpost, 86% of films have no female writers and 77% of critics are male. This makes the industry highly unbalanced.

As men write most of the scripts for Hollywood movies, their interpretation of women dominates the screen whereas it would be different if female writers dominated the industry. For starters, there would be more men wearing less, than women.

Do gender inequalities make it harder for women to succeed in the entertainment industry and should there be some oversight to help balance things out?

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