William Shatner announces most ambitious Kickstarter project in history


William Shatner - Copyright Priceline

Star Trek actor and activist William Shatner has announced a highly ambitious project that will boldly go where no Kickstarter campaign has gone before.

Speaking with Yahoo News, Shatner highlighted how deeply concerned he was about the California water crisis, and how the state has only a year left of reserves. His answer to the problem: A $30 billion Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a water pipeline from Seattle to lake Mead.

Shatner admitted that if he wasn't able to get the funding for the campaign he'd give the money to a politician to make it happen.

California faces the worst drought in modern times and recently enacted emergency measures to cut back on consumption. Shatner has stepped up to the challenge and is trying to raise awareness of the problem to get people to take immediate action.

in July, water supplies to Los Angeles and surrounding cities will be cut by 15% while Governor Jerry Brown's executive order will aim to reduce overall consumption in the state by 25%.

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