Will the Libya war and Gaddafi become part of movie history?

The UN has approved a No Fly Zone in Libya 20 years after the 1991 Gulf War, but will the new conflict become part of the Hollywood movie making?

Since the 1991 Gulf war when the international community pushed Iraq out of Kuwait, movies have depicted the conflict in great detail. As the Libyan crisis unfolds over the next few days, there is no doubt that film studios will turn to it to tell the story of what took place.

This conflict marks a different crisis from 20 years ago however there are dark similarities. Saddam Hussein was an ally of the West against Iran, and then he became the enemy, deposed in 2003. Colonel Gaddafi turned away from weapons of mass destruction, then became an ally of the West, and has now turned against his own people and the international community.

Gaddafi s fate is unknown, but filmmaking has always tried to capture the hidden stories, whether through documentary or fiction. It is too early to speculate what story will be told, but the conflict that starts in the next few hours will surely shape the next chapter in North Africa and the Middle East.

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