Will all feature films be shot on HD DSLR cameras?


In the past two years alone we’ve seen a tremendous rise in productions using a HD DSLR workflow.

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From the Canon 7D to Panasonic’s Lumix GH2, manufacturers are going all in on light weight, compact cameras that can shoot full HD with stunning technical capabilities.

It was not long ago that the entire film industry was talking about the RED Camera and how it would have unmatched color space, and incredible capabilities for HD. It would take out film cameras once and for all. Well, HD DSLR is moving so far ahead that we could see other manufacturers taking the spotlight with their compact cameras becoming a standard for film production. HD DSLRs wont just be used for indie shoots, music videos or commercials either. It’s feature films that could soon become the big customers of these products.

HD in its first few years was an issue because of memory. How hard was it to get enough cards to capture all the data? Now with SD being built into newer models, its so much easier to store and use the data. It’s also less expensive and the turnaround is instant. Back in 2010 the Season Finale for ‘House’ was shot on the Canon 5D, but that was just one example of how HD DSLR was being introduced into high-budget film production.

Two years on and newer HD DSLR cameras are being released with even greater chips, added depth of field, better lenses, and improved storage capabilities. The quality of these cameras is truly outstanding and I can only see Hollywood and the rest of the industry using them in the years to come.

Are you using DSLR cameras to shoot your movies?

Film Industry Network receives a commission when a product is purchased through affiliate links included in this article.

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